Financial Literacy Month Campaign

Amazon_Business_Quickbooks_small business email campaignOverview: Financial Literacy Month email and blog campaign created in Salesforce Pardot and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Situation: Historically, content for larger busineses audiences had been repurposed and used for the small business audience, resulting in poor engagment.

Task: Increase engagement with the small business audience and develop scalable method to create quality content.

Action: Collaborate with brand partners to create small business relevant content based on their expertise. This example focuses on a collaboration with Intuit QuickBooks for a #financialliteracymonth campaign. Six articles were created with accompanying PDFs that live on the Amazon Business blog. Emails were sent to customers and prospects in the month of April to promote these posts. View the landing page.

Results: The email campaign droveabove average click thru ratesand over 30K page views. The articles became top SEO traffic drivers to the blog, garnering another 30K page views in 2023. A post about financial terrms and formulas and the accompanying PDF thumbnail became a Google snippet. The PDF thumbnail and blog post banners also display in relevant Google image search results.

small business formulas

Amazon Business/Quickbooks campaign PDF thumbnails and banners display in keyword searches.


Google Snippet Example

Blog post content used as a Google snippet.

Financial Literacy Month Campaign Landing Page

Amazon Business/Quickbooks landing page









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